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New UK laws could criminalise journalism

British journalists and their sources are facing an unprecedented assault on freedom of speech, including the prospect of criminal prosecution. Threats aimed at whistleblowers and journalists were evident before the coronavirus crisis struck, but went largely unnoticed. The government’s Queen’s Speech in December included plans for new “espionage legislation”. It stressed the …

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Long-lost sisters end up spending lockdown together

Two long-lost sisters are getting to know each other better by spending lockdown together. Sue Bremner, 65, travelled from Shropshire with husband David over to New Zealand to see Margaret Hannay again in New Zealand as part of a planned two-month trip at the beginning of March. They were stranded …

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You Can See New York City’s Mass Graves From Space

The coronavirus pandemic is raging across the world, but in America, New York City is being hit particularly hard. The city reported 824 deaths from Covid-19 infection within 24 hours on Thursday, the deadliest day of the pandemic in the city so far, and deaths in the state have topped …

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