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Articles are spiritually/conscious-wise advanced articles.

What exactly is rigged?

• The entire mainstream media• Google search engine and Google News• Facebook and Twitter• The DNC and the RNC (both 100% rigged by globalists) • Every federal agency (EPA, FDA, etc.)• The entire justice system (makes a total farce of real justice)• Interest rates and the value of the money …

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We are all backed up in the spiritual world

Everybody that comes into this world has a spiritual team, back up… because entering this material world isn’t easy. You come in with certain talents and certain knowledge from previous lifetimes. We are always being told information through codes kind of like Q in the Bond movies.  Some of this …

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Is this why you forget your dreams when you wake up?

Do you ever find yourself waking up with the feeling that you just ran an entire marathon, but can’t make sense of it? This is most likely because you just had a night full of dreams that you can’t remember. Why do we remember some dreams while forgetting others? Are some dreams more important than others?

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Are antidepressants dangerous?

In the modern age, mood issues, emotional upset, depression, boredom, and so on are all too common. Can modern-day drugs really help? The answer will likely resonate with what you’ve always believed deep down.

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