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Researchers discover gene variants that reduce the risk of glaucoma

An international research collaboration led by researchers from the University of Helsinki and Stanford University has identified rare changes in a gene called ANGPTL7 that lower intraocular pressure and significantly reduce the risk of glaucoma. The results open important new therapeutic possibilities.Glaucoma is an eye disease affecting almost 80 million …

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Scientists create antibody that defeats coronavirus in lab

Scientists created a monoclonal antibody that can defeat the new coronavirus in the lab, an early but promising step in efforts to find treatments and curb the pandemic’s spread. The experimental antibody has neutralized the virus in cell cultures. While that’s early in the drug development process — before animal …

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Study Finds New Way To Detect Autism Years Before Symptoms Appear

Researchers have found a new method that could help detect autism spectrum disorder months or even years before symptoms appear. Earlier diagnosis of the condition could help children get interventions earlier and avoid problems like social and communication challenges. The current approach to identify autism mainly relies on behavior. Existing …

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