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Armadillo News on hibernation

Armadillo News has been in hibernation for some months now, and will continue it until the end of the year. Then it will come back online with a new zeal. Breathe, wait. Armadillo News Staff Did you like this?Tip Libra with Bitcoin Donate via Installed Wallet Copy

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Reddit purges over 2,000 communities including “The_Donald”

Reddit has purged some of the most popular communities on the site today after a recent announcement that they will be cracking down on “hate speech.” Over 2,000 communities were purged including the pro-Trump community r/The_Donald and the popular left-wing community r/ChapoTrapHouse. Last year Reddit took a $150m investment from …

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Texas prepares for rioters: “Don’t mess with the Alamo”

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush warned rioters who might be planning to target the Alamo in a tweet saying, “Don’t mess with The Alamo”. The Texas General Land Office is responsible for the care and safety of the Texas shrine. In late May, protesters in San Antonio spray-painted graffiti …

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Britain to be fully vaccinated by Christmas against coronavirus?

A coronavirus vaccine could possibly be available by autumn, according to Oxford University trial leader, Sir John Bell. When asked by what time he thought the entire British population would be vaccinated, Sir John said Christmas. LBC host Matt Frei was stunned and reminded the professor that many experts originally predicted the process …

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Mitä USA:n Minneapolisissa tapahtuu? Jarmo Ekman analysoi

Antifan, anarkistien ja Black Lives Matter -aktivistien viikko sitten haltuun ottama alue Seattlen keskustassa USA:ssa – muutaman korttelin kokoinen itsenäiseksi valtioksi julistautunut alue nimeltään CHAZ – näyttää Jarmo Ekmanin analyysin mukaan noudattavan tiettyä kaavaa. Jarmo Ekman on Toimittajaliiton sihteeri. Lähde: YouTube Lue myös: Open segregation in occupied CHAZ area in …

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