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Rioters set fire to a Minneapolis police precinct

Rioters have set fire to a police precinct in Minneapolis after protests over George Floyd‘s death has escalated. Demonstrations have erupted in the city over the past two days after the African American man died while being pinned to the ground by a white police officer who knelt on his …

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5G towers in danger – Coronavirus in the picture

All over Europe, and in the U.S., 5G cellular network towers are being set on fire. There have been attacks on 5G equipment at least in Italy, Ireland, Belgium and Cyprus, and the United Kingdom has witnessed more than 60 such acts. The U.S. has also experienced the citizens’ reaction …

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President Trump: “We caught them all”

“I see they have a lot of subpoenas out… We caught them in a very corrupt act – you could call it treasonous… They’re dirty cops… If it keeps going the way it’s going – and Radcliffe is fantastic – I have a chance to break the Deep State… It’s …

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