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UK police officers told to “take a knee” for BLM protesters


Police officers in the UK have been advised by their superiors to “take a knee” in front of Black Lives Matter protesters and warned there’ll be drawbacks if they refused to do so.

Following footage of officers doing precisely that at numerous BLM protests around the country, it has been confirmed that the suggestion came from above.

“Hertfordshire Constabulary said those who chose not to make the solidarity gesture may become the focus of the protesters’ attention”, reports the Mail on Sunday.

“The advice was issued during a recent operational briefing and points out that, when officers kneel down – joining in the symbolic stance of the Black Lives Matter movement – it *has a very positive reaction on the protest groups’.”

The advice was given despite the fact that many BLM demonstrations have descended into anarchy and violent attacks on police officers.

Not everybody agrees with the kneeling approach.

Source: Summit News

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