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Texas prepares for rioters: “Don’t mess with the Alamo”

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush warned rioters who might be planning to target the Alamo in a tweet saying, “Don’t mess with The Alamo”. The Texas General Land Office is responsible for the care and safety of the Texas shrine.

In late May, protesters in San Antonio spray-painted graffiti on the Alamo Cenotaph. The graffiti included a downward arrow with statements of “white supremacy”, “profit over People” and “the ALAMO”, Breitbart Texas reported.

A group of Texans responded and stood guard at the Cenotaph to prevent further damage.

“Well, it’s all pretty simple.  If you’re mad that George Floyd got murdered, well good. So am I”, David Ahmad with Open Carry Texas said in a video posted on Facebook.

“If you want to respond to that by burning Target, or a drug store, or looting a liquor store, or destroying the Alamo, you can kiss both sides of my ass. We’re going to put a stop to you.”

“So, just do it right. Protest the man’s death because it should be protested. Things need to change. This bullshit’s got to stop.”

Source: Breitbart

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