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COVID-19 vaccines developed using aborted human babies’ cell lines

Researchers around the world are rushing to come up with an effective COVID-19 vaccine, but there are lots of concerns that they will suffer from the same major flaws as many of the other vaccines we use these days, whether it’s the presence of heavy metals like mercury or aluminum, a miserable efficacy rate like the flu shot, or both.

However, before any of those factors come into play, it’s the very basis of the vaccine that can be extremely questionable – especially when it comes from aborted babies.

World Health Organization tracker shows that more than 120 vaccine candidates are currently in development, 10 of which have already moved forward to the clinical trial phase where the vaccine candidate’s efficacy and safety are being tested. More of these candidates should reach the trial phase before the close of the year.

Unfortunately, quite a few of the frontrunners are using a human fetal kidney cell line for the development of their trial vaccines. The fetal cell line is known as HEK-293.

Much of this vaccine development is being funded by grants from the U.S. government. So far, nearly $2 billion has gone to support the development of vaccines for COVID-19 that use fetal cell lines.

Why would any vaccine manufacturer use fetal cell lines when ethically derived alternatives exist? The truth is that many pharmaceutical firms prefer the fetal cell lines because their characteristics are well known.

Although the world is eager to see an end to this virus, there are many people who are not willing to get a vaccine – especially if it comes from aborted babies.

Source: Stillness in the Storm

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