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Britain to be fully vaccinated by Christmas against coronavirus?

A coronavirus vaccine could possibly be available by autumn, according to Oxford University trial leader, Sir John Bell. When asked by what time he thought the entire British population would be vaccinated, Sir John said Christmas.

LBC host Matt Frei was stunned and reminded the professor that many experts originally predicted the process of starting vaccinations would not begin until spring 2021.

“There are a lot of wise people in the vaccine business who turned the problem across to the standard development program for vaccines, which gave them a read-out in mid-2021”, said Frei.

“What I don’t think they acknowledged is that you can speed lots of the bits of the process up.”

“You could manufacture in anticipation of regulatory result. That saves you three months at least, and maybe more.”

The Oxford professor anticipates that, if everything goes according to plan, vaccinations can begin by late September.

He added that there is likely to be a similar program globally.

Source: Express

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