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7-year-old organized a prom for his babysitter after hers got cancelled

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought havoc to all sectors of our life. With lockdowns, academia has suffered hard. Many students have lost months of their studies. But for the high school seniors, there is an added bit of sadness. They will be the first senior batch in many schools who won’t be able to attend their much-awaited for prom.

Thankfully for people like Curtis Rogers and his parents in North Carolina, some seniors are still feeling the happiness of a personal prom.

Surely, prom without friends feels like a sad affair, but it is the thought and care that went into organizing the personal prom that has won everyone. And the cherry on top is that Rachel and Curtis were most definitely the prom queen and king.

According to ABC11, Curtis had not seen his babysitter in over two months. When he heard that her prom got canceled, determined to cheer her up, he planned a personal prom.

Rachel talked about the evening event and said that Roger was an absolute gentleman. He waited for her outside and led her to the backyard while maintaining social distance. Curtis even had all her favorite snacks aesthetically arranged.

Rachel’s mother, Becky Chapman, documented the event and later posted the pictures on her Twitter handle. The pictures went viral.

Source: Stillness in the Storm

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