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Open segregation in occupied CHAZ area in Seattle

Since black George Floyd died after police detained him in Minneapolis, U.S., the world has been in turmoil with large protests against police violence and rasism, especially in the United States.

A group of people have lately claimed a few blocks in Seattle an autonomous area. The entrances to the area are fenced and police forces are not welcome in the area.

“Isn’t it interesting that the first thing they did in setting up the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” was to put up a fence and place guards to keep people out? Pretty sure these are the same people that protested the border wall and funding for the border patrol”, writes a person on Twitter.

Another person writes:

“And, yet, @MayorJenny is forcing taxpayers to provide:
Garbage service
Sanitation services
There is nothing “autonomous” about stealing land or resources. Also, are we really ignoring @carmenbest‘s statement that rapes, robberies and assaults are up?”

The occupiers of CHAZ are without police protection, by their own choice.

Segregation has emerged in CHAZ. White occupants are asked each to pay $10 to a black occupant of their choise. On one side of a vegetable batch it says that the batch is only for the use of black and indigenous occupants.

The area called CHAZ has claimed autonomy, but is asking money, food, clothes and other items from donors.

President Donald Trump is not happy of the situation, but the mayor of the city stands on the side of the occupants. Seattle recently decided that its police forces will be shut down and something new will be introduced instead.

Comments are many and sharp on Twitter. Follow commenting by searching #CHAZ or chazseattle.

Source: Twitter

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