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President Trump: “We caught them all”

“I see they have a lot of subpoenas out… We caught them in a very corrupt act – you could call it treasonous… They’re dirty cops… If it keeps going the way it’s going – and Radcliffe is fantastic – I have a chance to break the Deep State… It’s a vicious group of people…” – President Donald Trump

These are brave, powerful words. Recently President Trump told reporters, “No one else could have done it…”

He was not speaking from ego. It’s a fact. He is so wealthy that he could not be bought by the Deep State, as happened to most previous Presidents. He is extremely intelligent and easily outwitted them. And most importantly, he is a deeply loyal Patriot who loves his country.

There is a long list of corrupt USA politicians who became millionaires WHILE in office. How is that possible? Unless there was a lot of corruption taking place, eg Joe and Hunter Biden in Ukraine. Where is the outrage from the American people?

Source: Stillness in the Storm

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