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Video: How to make the best crispy hash browns? Jenny Jones shows you how

Jenny Jones hosted her own nationally syndicated talk show but that was just one of many jobs that Jenny has held, including waitress, bookkeeper, fashion model, author, comedian, musician, singer, songwriter and office manager.

Born to Polish immigrant parents, Jenny grew up in London, Ontario. Her father was the cook in the family, sparking Jenny’s lifelong interest in cooking. The independent teenager left home at seventeen to go on the road as a drummer in a rock ’n’ roll band.

“When you’re used to healthy home cooking, eating in restaurants, or at least the ones I could afford, was no fun”, says Jones.

She would often ask the nightclub staff to boil a dozen eggs for her, which she made into meals in her travels.

Jenny’s musical talent led to jobs as a drummer in an all girl band in Las Vegas, a backup singer for Wayne Newton, and finally a stand up comic in Los Angeles. As a struggling comedian she supported herself by cooking for others out of her home.

“When I created Janina’s Kitchen, I got so busy I couldn’t keep up and had to hire a friend to help”, recalls Jones.

“I shopped for groceries at night, cooked all day, and then delivered orders on my bike.”

Jenny’s recipes have been published in various newspaper columns as well as Redbook Magazine, Woman’s World and TV Guide and her cookbook collection numbers over 300. Her cooking is simple and based on her continual health and nutrition research.

“I don’t believe in diets”, she says.

“Every time another trendy diet fails, it comes back to consistently healthy, clean eating. That’s what I’ve always done and I have maintained my weight and have never missed a day of work in my life.”

Jenny has given millions of dollars to those in need from her own scholarship programs, donations to schools, hospitals, and various organizations, to her innovative Jenny’s Heroes campaign, where Jenny invited everyday people to decide how to spend close to two million dollars to make a difference in their communities.

Sources: YouTube, Jenny Can Cook

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