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Birthday present: Woman sent to jail on the 100th birthday

How would you like to spend your 100th birthday? Eating copious amounts of tea and cake at a nursing home?

For one woman from Roxboro, North Carolina, that wasn’t enough. She wanted to be arrested.

To celebrate becoming a centenarian, Ruth Bryant decided she’d like to see the inside of a jail cell. While her friends and family gathered at the Cambridge Hills Assisted Living Center where she resides to celebrate her landmark birthday, Ruth was nowhere to be seen.

That’s because a local law enforcement had turned up, sirens blaring, to where she lived and carted her off to prison, Thankfully, Ruth knew all about it and was more than happy to play the role of aggrieved perp.

“Are you Miss Bryant?”, a deputy asked her as he approached the (very) senior citizen with a pair of handcuffs.

Ruth only spent a couple of minutes in the cell, where she received no birthday cake, but did get her one phone call, a mug shot and the present she’s always wanted – an orange jump suit. Thankfully, no cavity searches were involved.

“I’m in the jail-house now!”, she beamed, laughing and dancing, clearly over the moon at what had happened.

“I finally got here!”

Source: Lad Bible

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