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Neurologists reveal tips to help remember things as brains age

Forgetting things occurs in young and older people due to various reasons like stress, sickness, or a lack of sleep for the day.

However, it happens more frequently as we grow older, and it can cause some concerns. The good news is there are some techniques you can follow to prevent decline and improve your cognitive function.

The process of converting new information into memory and the recall for names and numbers can take more time.

Two types of declarative memory decline as you age. This is where you retain the memory of your life events, learned facts, and information.

However, your procedural memory doesn’t decline. These things include tying your shoe and riding a bike.

Your working memory is equally affected. The working memory is where you contain pieces of information in your mind. These include remembering phone numbers, where you parked your car or your password.

Working memory relies on processing new information instead of your stored knowledge.

Aging causes a decline in this function starting around the age of 30. Other aspects include problem-solving and processing speed. Your attention span is equally affected as we age. The ability to use your selective attention, such as tuning out distractions, suffers a decline. Your divided attention involves splitting your attention between two tasks. This issue becomes complex for your brain.

While most cognitive declines begin at age 30, some abilities actually improve during middle age. One study tracked cognitive abilities for over 50 years and found improvement.

Tests on verbal abilities, math, and abstract and spatial reasoning showed higher scores in middle age than in young adults.

Despite a decline, some studies show we never stop learning throughout our lifetime. The brain has plasticity.

As we age, we are capable of learning new tasks and take on new challenges because of the rerouting of neural connections.

Source: Nova Viral

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