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Daily Archives: 05. 01. 2020

Why does India have so many disgraced gurus?

A mysterious video surfaced in India last month, and soon became the source of memes across the country. On the video there was a man with a neatly trimmed beard in the centre of the frame, with ash smeared all over his forehead and long gold and bead necklaces around his neck. …

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Vulnerability is a sign of psychological bravery

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is an act of bravery. In the end, a strong person isn’t one who manages to keep a fake image of happiness for a long time. You’re strong when you let your feelings out into the world, and when you accept your mistakes and pain.

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Exercising before breakfast burns more fat

Exercising before breakfast burns more fat. This is because it will force the body to use the carbohydrates that were stored in the body when you were asleep. According to a report on CNN, most people are known to before exercise to boost blood sugars; give the body fuel to …

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Al-Shabab attacks military base in Kenya

Al-Shabab fighters have attacked a military base in Kenya’s Lamu County used by US and Kenyan military personnel, the East African country’s army and the armed group said. Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) said in a statement on Sunday that “at around 5:30am an attempt was made to breach security at …

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