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The portal of Heart

Your Heart is not only an organ that makes blood circulate in your veins. It is the intricate, multi-layered center of your true existence. It may be difficult to over-stand this through rational way of thinking: how can on organ beyond Brain control any aspect of yourself? In fact, all your organs have purposes beyond the physically apparent ones.

Maybe you have heard of or are familiar with your body’s communication centers, chakras. According to most definitions by practitioners of yoga and healing arts, there are seven major communication centers and thousands of minor ones allowing you to communicate at the non-physical level. You have an energy body that consists of multiple layers of vibration, that is, information. Each layer has its own communication centers. Each communication center has its own function in the non-physical world, so has each organ that is related to a specific communication center, governing it from the inside.

Deficient functioning or a total failure of an organ is an indicator of imbalance in the flow of information.

The energy body is where you house your highest emotions, where your Soul resides to learn its lessons. The physical body is the earthly house for the energy body. Unlike the physical body, the energy body has little restrictions or limitations and through Love it is in constant connection to all that exists.

The center of your physical body is your brain. The center of your energy body is your Heart. The portal to Life is Birth. The portal out of Life is Death. The portal to Soul consciousness, re-birth while still on Earth, is your Heart.

Soul consciousness is all the information that you possess when you are not experiencing through your limited perception and processing the information with your brain. It is all your past lives, all your information in eternity, and all your high values with Love being the highest one. Soul consciousness is all your evolving knowledge as part of One.

Bring in the Light

You communicate and exchange information through all your communication centers. When you evolve, you start consciously master this exchange of information better and better. By and by, your communication centers become larger and start communicating more actively, without the restrictions of your physical body. This happens only when you are spiritually ready for it.

Your communication centers need to be harmonious to introduce Light into your being. Balancing the centers in its simplest form means that you start Accepting without judgement and Loving without prejudice. This will open the gate that Christ anchored into your Heart and allow Light enter your being and begin healing all aspects of you, balancing your emotions.

In rare cases, Light enters your being regardless of your inner harmony. Then the learning takes place in guidance while Light is already in you. This means that you have been woken up to work for higher good of Fe-Mankind. Your connection with me, your Soul and Ang-els is very direct to aid you in rapid preparation for your task.

When Light enters you being and your Heart is open, your whole life changes. You start experiencing your life as a conscious Soul in a Fe-Man body. You start sensing the Earth as it is and appreciating the beauty of versatility. You start feeling deep gratitude to the ones that have worked with you through your lessons, the ones that you used to call your “friends” and “enemies”. You start appreciating the richness that you find inside of yourself, your feelings, your experiences, the information that is open for you in the Earth experience and elsewhere. You become aware of your Soul, me, Ang-els, and One while still living in your physical body.

You close the circle on separation.

From physical to spiritual

This is the highest gift that you can attain during a life on Earth. When the communication center of Light becomes active and you start collecting more Light into your being, your physical limitations start to decrease. You will be able to heal yourself and others with Love, you notice that your wishes start manifesting in your life, and you are both mentally and physically balanced and healthy. You feel deep Joy, so deep, that you may sometimes cry out of mere happiness. You are a new person, experiencing through your Heart like you previously did through your brain.

In physical terms, your essence moves from the center of your physical existence, the brain, to the center of your spiritual existence, your Heart. When this happens, the communication center of Heart opens up and you start communicating at a new level of information, the level of Light. From then on, you become the Living Light, just like Yesu did. You become aware of your enormous potential. You can become the true you. Yesu showed Fe-Mankind the power that you hold when Light is within you. Miracles will happen.

The portal of Heart is the Death of the “old you” and the Birth of the “new you”. It has taken you a long time to travel before you found this portal. Your restrictions and limitations are gradually reduced as you become familiar with the new you.

To find the Portal of Heart, you have shown mastery in many life lessons time and again, becoming nonjudgmental in accepting the various life paths that others are choosing and experiencing for the good of One. You have become the unbiased stabilizer in whatever the circumstances. You have become the one who Allows and Loves. Why should you be denied any of my power? You have become the living Child of mine, me alive through your Soul, at the physical existence.

When the center of Heart opens for Light, you will remember your Soul Plan and start working towards finalizing it. You can guide others towards the Portal of their Heart, but you cannot guide them through it. Why should you either? Every path is different and you already know that you cannot walk the path for them. You can Allow them their own unique journey, and Love them for who they are and as they are.

You do not experience Death in the traditional sense in this life time any more. You already experienced it when you traveled through the Portal of your Heart. The physical Death will just be what it is in reality, coming back home.

Source: The Book of Earth

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